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The Franco-American Commission Fulbright

Clarisse Faria-Fortecoëf

The Fulbright Commission seeks to develop educational and cultural exchanges between France and United States by providing grants to French and American PhD students, young professionals and researchers.

The Fulbright Program was created in the aftermath of World War II through the initiative of the senator J. William Fulbright.

It allowed, in 2006-2007, to more than 6,000 French students and more than 3,000 French researchers to go to the United States. Furthermore, more than 15,000 American students were able to study in France in 2005-2006.

Whether you are PhD student or young researcher, you have a series of grant programs at your disposal. Details, conditions and application file for each program are available on the Commission website, section “The Fulbright Program”.

The Commission Newsletter (publication 3 times per year and downloadable in pdf format) also will provide you with all necessary information on the Fulbright program. It is open to the testimonials of the prizewinners as well as to the former Fulbrighters and allows you to get information about the activities of the Association France Fulbright - which includes alumni - and the Education Center USA.

Furthermore, if you have questions about higher education in the United States, you can contact the Commission’s Advising Center, the sole center of expertise in France on the American system of education. This center is part of the Education USA network.