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Fulbright Grants

Clarisse Faria-Fortecoëf

Funding programs of research projects in the United States for French PhD students in exact sciences as well for researchers working in France in various disciplines.

As part of its 2010-2011 calls for application, the Franco-American Commission Fulbright (please see our article of January 2008), offers various grants.

For PhD students… 
If you are preparing a doctoral thesis in France (supervised or joint supervised) in exact sciences field, you have the French nationality and you wish to pursue your research in the USA, so, you can apply for a grant of the Fulbright PhD students program. 
Furthermore, you must register at an American university of your choice.
Research projects are funded over a period of 2 to 9 months for a maximum amount of $ 15,750 . 
A special interest will be given to research projects in the environment and food security fields.

For PhD-qualified researchers…
If you are a French citizen or a national from a EU state, holding a position in France and wishing to go to work in an american laboratory, you have at your disposal three regional grants :
- The Alsace program focusing particularly on biomaterials and medical imaging sectors.
- The Nord Pas-de-Calais program relating in particular to the areas of biology, health, chemistry, mathematics or computer science.
- The Aquitaine program focusing on areas such as functional genomics, viticulture and wine-related disciplines. 

Furthermore, two other possibilities are proposed:
- The general Fulbright program for any project relating to the arts, humanities and social sciences.
- The interdisciplinary Fulbright program covering all disciplines. Projects presented by researchers located in the Aquitaine and Nord Pas-de-Calais regions can be eligible for regional funding.

The monthly funding of the projects under these five programs amounted to about $ 2,200 for a period ranging from 2 to 12 months (the maximum for the latter two programs being 6 months).

Whether you are a PhD student or a researcher, you must fill up the online application file corresponding to the grant you are interested in, on the Fulbright's website 
 February 15, 2010.