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Postdoc Position in the field of Alternative synthetic routes of N2 reduction to ammonia

ABG-86643 Job Confirmed
2019-07-12 Fixed-term 12 Month Salaire à négocier
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Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Materials, Palacký University
Olomouc - Czech republic
  • Materials science
photocatalysis, electrochemistry, photoelectrochemistry, nanomaterials characterization
Research and Development


The Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Materials (RCPTM) is a scientific and research centre connected to the Faculty of Science, Palacký University, Olomouc. Its chief objectives are to produce superlative research and to transfer high-tech products and technologies to medical, industrial, and environmental practice with particular emphasis on integrating the centre with international networks and collaborations.

The research group:

The NanoPEC research group at RCPTM focuses on the development, characterization, and testing the functional properties of advanced nano-heterostructures based on earth-abundant materials for solar water splitting, electrocatalysis, and photocatalysis.

The inorganic materials are primarily synthetized by state-of-the-art plasma-assisted deposition techniques involving high-power impulse magnetron sputtering (HiPIMS) and plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) methods as well as wet chemical pathways such as hydrothermal growth, solvothermal synthesis, etc.


We offer a stimulating environment, attractive salary, and a unique opportunity to join well-known research group with state of the art instrumentation including plasma-assisted deposition methods (HiPIMS, PECVD), cryoHRTEM, AFM, UHV STM, FIB/HRSEM, SEM, SQUID, PPMS, XPS and advanced Raman spectroscopy, GDOES, in-field Mössbauer spectroscopy, NMR, fluorescence spectroscopy, and one of the best equipped electrochemical and photoelectrochemical laboratory in Europe.


Position and assignments

The successful candidate will be responsible of developing highly efficient heterogeneous catalysts for nitrogen reduction to ammonia through photocatalysis, electrocatalysis or photoelectrochemistry.

Geographic mobility:



  • PhD or equivalent in any field of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and Materials Science;
  • Good publication record
  • Excellent oral and written English;
  • Experience in photocatalysis and/or electrochemistry and/or photoelectrochemistry;
  • Understanding of advanced methods and results of nanomaterials characterization (HRTEM, TEM, XPS, XRD, Raman spectroscopy, EPR, GI-XRD);
  • Advanced electrochemistry and photolectrochemistry (J-V characteristics, carrier lifetimes, transient spectroscopy, IPCE, APCE, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, hydrogen evolution, etc.).

Formal requirements:

PhD or equivalent in any field of Chemistry; good publication record, excellent oral and written English.

Career Stage:


Experienced researcher or 4-10 yrs. (Post-Doc)

Research Profiles:

Recognized Researcher (R2)

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