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Hot-carrier solar cells: understanding the mechanisms of thermalization

ABG-94588 Master internship 6 months 50.000 yen
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RCAST, The University of Tokyo
Tokyo Japon
  • Physics

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Okada Lab is a research laboratory at RCAST, The University of Tokyo, specialized in new high-efficiency photovoltaic concepts, like hot-carrier solar cells and intermediate-band solar cells.

This work is conducted in the framework of NextPV, a French-Japanese CNRS collaboration on next-generation photovoltaics. The hot-carrier axis is conducted mainly with LIMMS in Japan, and IPVF, C2N and IM2NP in France. If the sanitary situation does not allow international travel at that time, the intern could be hosted at IPVF to work on related topics.


Hot carrier solar cells are a new concept of solar cells with very high potential efficiencies, way above the theoretical limits of current technologies. They are based on the idea of preventing the photogenerated electrons and holes from thermalizing (i.e. losing their kinetic energy) so that more energy can be extracted from each incident photon.

However,  they  face  many  challenges,  one  of  them  being  the  possibility  to  operate  under sunlight illumination. Indeed, extremely high illumination intensities and very thin absorbers are required to reach a hot-carrier regime with conventional materials. We are tackling several challenges in order to enable hot-carrier solar cells to operate under sunlight illumination.

One axis of our research is a theoretical and experimental analysis of the thermalization mechanisms in semiconductors. The intern will continue exploring some of the promising results obtained so far in that regard. This work involves a strong theoretical component, as well as performing simulations and comparing them with experimental results.



Curiosity,  motivation  and  an  international  mindset.  A  good  capacity  for  organization  and questioning. Knowledge of semiconductors physics and the operation principle of a solar cell is a strong plus.

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