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Seeking Ph.D. Graduate Student Interested in Neurometabolism and Epilepsy

ABG-95464 PhD candidate Consulting mission 48 months negotiable
Centre de recherche CERVO
Quebec City Grand Est Canada
  • Biochemistry
  • Psychology, neurosciences
Neurometabolism, biochemistry, molecular biology, neuroscience

Employer organisation

The  CERVO Research Center , one of the largest neuroscience and mental health centers in Canada, focuses on the root causes of brain disease. It brings together about sixty senior researchers from research teams totaling more than 400 people, offering multidisciplinary expertise, ranging from membrane biophysics to social intervention, through the psychology of cognition.


The  CERVO  Research Center  is dedicated exclusively to the study of neuroscience and mental health. Its mission is to advance knowledge of the causes and treatment of neurological and psychiatric diseases, through the development of new technologies and methodologies to the mysteries of the brain and the linkage between basic research and clinical research.

Scientific approach

Our researchers contribute to the advancement of brain sciences and accelerate the transfer of knowledge to the patient through the development and deployment of new technologies that allow to measure and intervene at the most fundamental levels in the cells and microcircuits of the brain. brain in a non-invasive and as accurate manner as possible. These technologies include new brain imaging techniques, optogenetics, ribo-tag transcriptome analysis, gene therapy and immunotherapy.  

The scientific program of the CERVO Research Center revolves around 3 main lines of research working in synergy and using innovative approaches:

  1. The Cellular and Molecular Neurosciences axis focuses on the molecular aspects of neuronal communication, which is involved in sensations, memory, learning and diseases of the nervous system;  
  2. axis Integrative Neuroscience and Experimental Therapeutics focuses on the anatomical and functional organization of different complex neural systems using preclinical models to elucidate the pathophysiological basis of psychiatric and neurological diseases and develop innovative therapies ;
  3. The Clinical and Cognitive Neurosciences axis focuses on the genetic, epidemiological, cognitive and neuropharmacological aspects of neurological and psychiatric diseases.


The laboratory is seeking a highly motivated Ph.D. candidate to join the Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience Group at CERVO Brain Research Center at Laval University, Quebec City, Canada. 

The major goals of the laboratory are to determine how metabolic networks influence neuronal activity and contribute to neurological disease. Successful applicants will have the opportunity to conduct their research.

1. Mechanistic studies regulating amino acid homeostasis in brain.

2. Metabolic network dysfunctions contributing to epilepsy.

3. Pharmacological and nutritional therapeutic strategies to treat familial forms of epilepsy.

We are working to develop new genetic mouse models and cell culture models that will enable us to define the biochemical and neurophysiological mechanisms that control metabolic homeostasis in normal and pathological settings. Students can expect to learn about a protein synthesis, gene expression, advanced microscopy, electrophysiology and metabolomics.


A M.Sc. degree in the field of biochemistry, molecular biology or neuroscience will be considered an asset. Selected students will be able to enroll in one of the following graduate programs at  Université Laval: Neuroscience, Biochemistry, or Cellular and Molecular Biology.

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