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Post-doctoral position in experimental astrochemistry at MONARIS laboratory, Sorbonne University, Paris, France.

ABG-96444 Job Confirmed
2021-03-05 Fixed-term 12 Month > €45,000 and < €55,000 annual gross
Sorbonne Université
Paris - Ile-de-France - France
  • Physics
  • Earth, universe, space sciences
IR and THz spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, solid phase, chemistry,
Research and Development


Sorbonne Université est une université française située à Paris.


MONARIS laboratory, Sorbonne University

L’objectif principal du laboratoire est la compréhension de la réactivité chimique au sens large et le développement de la Chimie–Physique à Sorbonne Université, notamment au travers du développement de l’Institut Parisien de Chimie Physique et Théorique (IP2CT, FR 2622). Les travaux du laboratoire MONARIS reposent sur une approche commune aux différentes équipes, basée sur l’élaboration, la compréhension et la caractérisation, expérimentale et théorique, de systèmes nanophasés et notamment de la liaison chimique dans la construction de l’organisation et de la réactivité de la matière.


Position and assignments

Post-doctoral position in experimental astrochemistry at MONARIS laboratory, Sorbonne University, Paris, France.

The project will focus on laboratory experiments at cryogenic temperatures to investigate the evolution of complex organic molecules (COM) since their formation in the solid phase at 10 K till their release into the gas phase. All the studied processes occurring in solid phase are analyzed and monitored using Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy. The identification of reaction pathways leading to the formation of COM or exobiologically-relevant species in solid phase covers the first part of this project. The second part of the present project consists in studying the instantaneous or progressive desorption of interstellar ice analogs before and after energetic and non-energetic processing, by means of UV irradiation and thermal heating. Such induced sample desorption will allow to study the physical and chemical evolution of COM in the solid-gas interface which will be probed by coupling IR spectroscopy to mass spectrometry and Terahertz spectroscopy.

Geographic mobility:

No business trip


Applicants should be physical chemist specialized. They must have experience with experimental astrochemistry, cryovacuum systems, IR and THz  spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, organic chemistry.

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