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CV & Co

[4 days]

You have a Franco-German career mobility project. Learn how to navigate easily between these two job markets and how to market yourself to French and German recruiters respectively.

Companies, research institutes, universities, foundations and other organizations: please contact us to schedule a CV&Co session.

Target audience:
PhD-holder -
PhD candidate -


  1. Identify new career options in France and Germany
  2. Adapt your communication to the business sector and strengthen the impact of your message
  3. Learn about cultural differences in the professional context
  4. Prepare for a recruitment interview in a foreign language


  1. Mock interview with a professional recruiter
  2. A combination of talks, situational exercises and one-on-one interviews
  3. Multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural groups


A 4-day residential seminar
  • Self-knowledge and definition of a job search strategy
  • Communication differences between academia and industry
  • Communication techniques
  • Awareness of cultural differences in the professional context
  • Exploration of the job market
  • Intercultural preparation of job applications
  • Simulation of recruitment interviews


“My favourite parts were the mock interview and the conference about the CV. It was great and taught me a lot. This workshop has inspired me and given me self-confidence for my job search. Thank you!”
“This workshop enabled me to clarify my career plans in terms of both my objective and the means for reaching it. It also gave me some new angles to consider for the ‘post-doctoral’ phase, in order to realize my career plan.”

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