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Research Game

[3 to 4 days]

What could be more enriching than a serious game to let you try your hand at managing research and innovation and understand what is at stake? That is precisely the type of experience that Research Game sessions can give you.

Companies, research institutes, universities, foundations and other organizations: please contact us to schedule a Research Game session.

Target audience:
PhD-holder -
PhD candidate -


  1. Understand the research ecosystem and organization
  2. Learn the fundamentals of management
  3. Try your hand at managing teams and laboratories
  4. Understand the differences between academic and business cultures


  1. Immersion in the activities of a laboratory and a business through serious games
  2. Sequence devoted to PhD career development


Seminar lasting 3 to 4 days

Introductory lectures to start each day:

  • Project management
  • People management
  • Organization of research
  • Research practices within different ecosystems

One day of serious games devoted to the academic environment

One day of serious games devoted to the business environment


In-depth debriefing of the serious games

Sequence devoted to recruitment interviews


“As a highly spontaneous and direct person, I learned the value of adapting my behaviour to the individuals I have in front of me, for example, not necessarily using the terms that I personally would find motivating to congratulate or encourage them. I realized the importance of clearly explaining the pros and cons of my decisions, showing that I have considered all the options, to ensure that everyone feels they have been taken into consideration, realizing that no decision is perfect and without its downsides.”
“Research Game changed (and broadened) my vision of research. […] It made me want to evolve in the medium term towards aspects other than the purely scientific dimension. I have also decided to pursue certain other topics by reading books.”
“Now I am putting the accent on intra-personal aspects and working on building up my professional network.”

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