Who can still neglect Linkedin?

Article by Hervé Bommelaer, consultant in career transition at Enjeux et Dirigeants Associés http://hervebommelaer.blogspirit.com/ 

Professional social media is the visible version of a constantly growing force: the Network. It is the living showcase and the best way to accelerate your career. Today, not knowing how to use such social media sites is inconceivable. Because these tools are now part of our ecosystem.

The "to live happily, let's live hidden" is no longer the key to professional success. To be successful, you need to be present, visible and connected more than ever. Woe betide the isolated and the anonymous!  But your presence on professional social media can only be considered advantageous if you use them in a professional way.

For an executive looking for a job, not activating this network leads to the risk of a long period of unemployment. And, in a career transition phase, not posting your profile on LinkedIn is a red card error because it is a recruiter’s reflex to google anyone who might be a match for a given position. Today, in all outplacement firms, there is a workshop on the proper use of professional social media. In the same way, a real revolution is underway among headhunters and recruitment agencies, insofar as corporate recruiters have much easier access to a vast pool of candidates on LinkedIn.

Mastering all digital tools and social media is also becoming a discriminating skill on the job market. Because these tools have taken over professional communication, the search for talent, technological monitoring, access to information, etc. And we are only at the beginning of a phenomenon that is changing our relationship with others and with work. Today, we have to master LinkedIn. Not to mention other tools like Twitter. Tomorrow we will be more and more connected, traceable, trackable, informed, etc. And we will have to adapt ourselves relentlessly to new and more powerful tools, to new functionalities, convergences, applications and technologies, or else we will be quickly and permanently outdated.

In the end, we no longer have a choice. Today, neglecting LinkedIn condemns us ineluctably, in the short term, to Not Working.

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