ABG and the Conference des Grandes Ecoles join hands to promote PhD employment

Translation by Cynthia Schoch

ABG recently signed a cooperation agreement with the Conference des Grandes Ecoles for the professional integration of PhDs and post-doctoral students.

With the Conférence des grandes écoles (CGE), the Association Bernard Gregroy (ABG) has found a new partner in its mission for PhD professional integration. The two associations recently signed a cooperation agreement for a 3-year period. ABG has thus joined the CGE network of correspondents.

This agreement provides for the exchange of data, publications and teaching experiences, the organization of meetings between PhD students and professionals, surveys and studies on the career paths of PhD students and young PhDs and contributes meaningfully to thinking and communicating on training through research and PhD professionalization.

ABG and the CGE will set up training sessions, professionalization actions, thesis and post-doc integration aid, possibly with other partners, particularly in the business world.

ABG contributes its know-how, methodology, tools and networks in the business and academic community to undertake actions conducted in the context of the agreement. The CGE mobilizes the actors on its search and transfer commission and working groups, its business partners and specific tools.