Clarisse Faria-Fortecoëf

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A Franco-South African cooperation program which aims to develop relationships between scientific communities of both countries through joint researches; foster exchanges between researchers by supporting their mobility from one country to another; develop synergies between both scientific communities, thus establishing a sustainable network. Application deadline: June 15, 2016.

Protea is run in France by Ministries of Foreign Affairs and International Development (MAEDI), and the National Education, Higher Education and Research (MENESR), and in South Africa, by the National Research Foundation (NRF).

This call for proposals is open for France, to researchers living in France and working in a higher education or research institution recognized by the State, or of a French company.

It covers three topics:
Among selection criteria: the integration of early-career researchers and students in the project. The exchange of post-doctoral students is fostered.

Funding requests for France, should not exceed € 20,000. The following rates are applied:
You will find all the useful information for both countries (how to submit a project, online application procedure...) on the website of Campus France.