Training in advanced techniques of archeology for foreign students

Ludovic Fery

You are a foreign PhD student committed to a French archaeological mission abroad?
You can receive a funded training to advanced techniques in archeology in a French laboratory. The request for proposals is opened until 16 September 2016.
Get trained to advanced archeology science and technics (GIS, LIDAR, funeral anthropology, paleobotanic, archeometry, ceramic or metallic materials restoration...) and modern conservation methods (archiving techniques, scanning ...) is the purpose to of the request for proposals launched by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development (MAEDI).

To be eligible, the candidate must be a foreign PhD student integrated in a mission funded by MAEDI in a country other than France. The request is valid until 16 September 2016 and applications must be submitted electronically before this date. Host laboratory and training objectives should appear in all applications.

Each selected winner (maximum of ten) will receive a high level research visit grant (1,374 €) or a training grant (795 €) for a month, as well as caring for AR travel and accommodation.

Results will be communicated at the beginning of October 2016 and selected projects will be presented on the 30 November 2016 at MAEDI Ministerial Conference Centre in Paris.

For more information and to apply :