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Do you plan to go abroad during or after your PhD? With a postdoctoral fellowship or for a position in the industry? Are you looking for country-specific information on funding schemes, employers, recruitment process, professional codes?

Then our event "Mobility and Career Days for Researchers" is made for you. Help us make it bigger by asking the support of European Union!
This year our first "Information day on professional and international mobility of PhDs" took place in Paris, with our partners, Franco-German University and Wallonia. According to its participants, it was of great help:

"Great opportunity to think about the future and build a career plan. (…) It should be more promoted early in the study process. The interaction with the speakers is very easy."

"It’s a shame we do not have access to this information sooner in our academic education. It gives all the useful links to know more about mobility opportunities and funding opportunities, also useful tools to prepare for the mobility and the return from the mobility."

"Nice to discover some grants not so well known and to clarify the deadline and expectations to apply."

"Very interesting experience to have a general overview of research funding, which is not always clear when we don’t know where to search for. I would definitively recommend it for another session next year. (…) I learned a lot and already started to use this information to find some fundings. Very encouraging day too!"

"Very good initiative that answers to a real need for PhDs and administrative agents accompanying PhD projects as well. This kind of conference is relatively rare unfortunately."

We can make an even more successful and bigger event of next editions… if we get a European funding to organize it! This is why we put online a Thunderclap campaign, so you, PhDs students and PhDs, can show EU how useful this kind of event is for your career development.

Send us your support via social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr) with the hashtag before the 23 August 2016 midnight or simply spread the word.

To send your support, click here: http://thndr.me/bkMgww

Also make sure to check our preliminary programme, should you have any suggestions, we are happy to read them by including "#EU4PhD" hashtag to it.

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