Le FameLab France 2018 : Let's go!


FameLab France 2018, the world's largest science communication competition, will be lounched in France! You have until April 15,2018 to submit your presentation video. More information inside...

The competition


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The competition

You think you can explain a scientific subject to the general public in three minutes? FameLab is for you!

FameLab is an international competition for scientific communication whose candidates are judged by a panel of experts on the principle of the 3 Cs: content, clarity, charisma.


By entering the competition you will:


Information and Registration


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can be done online on the FameLab website:

Caution: The deadline for submitting an applications is 15 April 2018 midnight.


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More information

All information is available online at www.britishcouncil.fr/famelab.