UpToParis, the international PhD programme by ESPCI: apply now!


The ESPCI proposes a brand new international doctoral programme, UPtoPARIS, cofunded by the European Union and offering an interdisciplinary doctoral training between physics, chemistry and biology. The second call is now open: apply before September 17th.

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About the programme

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Thesis proposals

Mesoscale modelling of memory effects in glasses

Biomechanics of the plant roots in granular soils

The electrodynamics of iron-arsenide superconductors: Consequences of the multiband physics on electronic correlations and competing orders

Formulation of self-healing vitrimer membranes

Growth and mechanics of actin filament networks

Scanning Tunneling microscopy of superconducting single photon detectors

Physics of virus diffusion: from environmental studies to medical applications

Fracture dynamics in soft matter – large strain meets dissipation - a model study

From clouds to our environment: proteomic study of microorganisms contained in clouds


additional information

Guide for applicants

This guide has been designed to help the applicant throughout his/her application to the UPto.PARIS PhD programme at ESPCI Paris.

In this document, the applicant will find all the important information concerning his/her online application and the evaluation and selection procedure.

Guide for applicants [downloadable pdf]

The UPto.PARIS partners

ESPCI PARIS and the ESPCI Paris Foundation thanks all the following partners companies and foundations for their key support and involvement in supporting the UPto.PARIS PhD programme.

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