National competition of high tech companies creation: 2008 results

Fabrice Martin

Year 2008 is over. The results of this 10th edition have been released and it is now time for reports. This year, 54% of the 170 award winners are doctorate holders.

This was the 10th edition of this competition organized by the French Ministry of higher education and research with the contribution of OSEO and the National Research Agency (ANR). Its purpose is to detect and reward best projects of company creation based upon innovative technologies.

This year, 170 winners were rewarded: 95 "emerging" projects and 75 in the "creation development category". 60% of the projects are based upon academic research results and 54% of project leaders are doctorate holders.

Reminder : the Association Bernard Gregory offers free membership for 3 years to all winners of the "creation development" category.

You can browse all projects descriptions and project leaders' e-mail online...