CIFRE Forum 2019: the highlights!


CIFRE Forum 2019 was held on the 18th of March at Cité Internationale Universitaire in Paris. ABG was here and edited this article to highlight some parts of this event gathering companies, students and professionals - all interested in the doctorate.


CIFRE Forum 2019

CIFRE Forum on social media (pictures)

ABG at CIFRE Forum 2019

CIFRE Forum 2019

Over the past 34 years, more than 20,000 industrial PhDs (CIFRE) have enriched all professional networks with their dual vision of research.

The CIFRE Forum 2019 has maintained its dual vocation of supporting companies:

Beyond the meetings, the day was also rich in lessons, thanks in particular to the conferences organized by ANRT (presentation of the CIFRE system, as well as the methods of setting up and examining the files, but also presentation of the CIFRE Défense, and the testimonies of former CIFRE doctoral candidates).


CIFRE Forum on social media (pictures)

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ABG at CIFRE forum 2019

ABG activities during the CIFRE Forum: 

After a brief overview of PhD success stories and a presentation of statistics on academic employment, Catherine THOMAS presented career options after a PhD to make PhD candidates think of their alternative positions in industry.

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