Call for projects by FRM - 2019

Within the framework of the "Espoirs de la recherche" programme, the Foundation for Medical Research FRM supports the best projects likely to generate significant impact in the health sector. A variety of funding schemes is available to teams, regardless of the theme and nature of their research work.

Read the details of the calls for projects in this article (specific application deadline for each call).

Individual fellowships

Starting grants

Information and contact

Individual fellowships

The FRM programme "Espoirs de la Recherche" is open to all areas of biological and health research. In particular, it contributes to the professional development of young researchers by offering different types of individual funding schemes.

The individual fellowships proposed in 2019, for which it is still possible to apply, are as follows:

Return mobility to France


NB: The laboratory in France in which the thesis has been completed can be chosen as the host laboratory but mobility is strongly recommended.

Return to France: the applicant may already have returned to France. In this case, it must have been for a maximum of 6 months on the date of the Scientific Council (27 September 2019)

Integration in the host laboratory

The applicant must join the host laboratory in France within 6 months before or 6 months after the date of the scientific council (27 September 2019)


Application deadline: 23 May 2019

Post-doctoral fellowship in France



Call for projects (in French)

Starting grants

The call for projects is intended for young high-level researchers, French or foreign, wishing to join a French research structure to set up and lead a new research team.

Funding scheme

The funding allocated by the FRM is a maximum of 300,000 euros for a period of two years. It aims at covering staff costs (salary of the team leader if necessary, salary of a post-doctoral researcher, engineer or technician), material resources (operation and small equipment) and/or mission costs (up to a maximum of 3000 euros per year).

Mandatory admissibility criteria

The host institution must have selected the candidate in the context of an international call for applications finalised by hearings by an international jury. The selection must have been made less than 24 months prior to the date of selection by the FRM.

An eligible procedure must include:

The committee will pay particular attention to the modalities and rates of selection. This call for projects is intended to encourage mobility. Any request for a splitting of an existing team within the host institution is therefore excluded.

Selection process

The selection of applications is carried out by an ad hoc committee including the president and vice-president of the FRM Scientific Council and several scientists recognized for their broad expertise. Projects will be reviewed according to the following criteria:

(a) procedures implemented by the host institution to select applications, the selection rate, the composition of the committee involved in the process and the hearing of candidates,

(b) candidate's scientific quality and experience,

(c) level of excellence of the host institution,

For further information, please contact: Mr. Rodrigue M'BOUTOU at (+33 1 44 39 75 83).

The calendar

Call for projects "Starting grants" (in French)

Information and contact

Find on the dedicated page of the FRM website, the details of the procedures.

The application procedure is carried out on the Evision portal.

The contact person for any questions regarding the calls for projects of the "Espoirs de la Recherche" programme:

Mrs Gaëtane Pollin - Project manager for scientific awards [+33 1 44 39 39 75 74]