Genopole Summer School: bioinformatics and biostatistical tools in medical genomics (Paris, June 24-28)


Genopole and its partners organize for the 3rd consecutive year a summer school in bioinformatics and biostatistics for medical genomics. Meet national and international experts to develop your network! Apply before May 31.

The Genopole Summer School "Bioinformatics and biostatistics in medical genomics" is intended for researchers, engineers and PhD candidates already involved or starting research in genomics.

The programme will cover statistical methodologies and bioinformatics tools used in genomics and metagenomics in the context of a comprehensive approach to pathological mechanisms.
The course will include lectures by guest speakers as well as hands-on computer sessions* with experts in the field.

Among the speakers: University of Maryland, EMBL-EBI, CEA, INRA University Evry-Paris Saclay, CNRS, Institut Curie...

The number of participants is limited to 20.

Information and Contact

Information and registration

Roxane Brachet, PhD