The German Research Foundation - DFG

Clarisse Faria-Fortecoƫf

The DFG is the central, public funding organisation that promotes research at universities as well as non-university research institutions or scientific associations in Germany.

The Deutsche Forschungsmeinschaft, DFG, serves all branches of Science including Humanities.

Its key goals are :

- Foster scientific excellence through competition,
- Advise parliaments and public authorities on questions relating to science and research,
- Encourage international collaboration between researchers.

A particular emphasis is placed on supporting the advancement and education of young researchers.
For this purpose, the section "Research Careers" on the DFG website,, is particularly relevant.
The information on “Career planning” will assist you in finding the right funding instruments/programmes at all stages of your scientific and academic career (doctoral students, post-doctoral candidates, university teaching…).

In the section “News”, announcements and calls for proposals with an international focus, are regularly published.