Overview of the Franco-British universitary cooperation

Clarisse Faria-Fortecoëf

A document published in March 2009 by the Department of Science and Technology of the French Embassy in the United Kingdom

The folder "Panorama de la coopération universitaire franco-britannique" follows the conference held in London in November 2008 and is part of the continuation in 2009 of the institutional and political dialogue between the Conference of University Presidents (CPU) and the United Kingdom Universities (UUK).

Strategic priority of the office of science and technology of the French Embassy in London, the university cooperation is based on four main areas:
- Training and Research networks (existing networks, dual degrees as the Joint PhD),
- The universitary tissue of French studies,
- The student and teacher mobility. For example, over 13,000 french nationals (including 2,500 PhD students) are studying in the UK and 1,500 have a post-doctoral contract, 
- Technology watch and exchange of best practices.

All of these thematics are developed in the publication of March 2009 which you can download in pdf format. 
The information is only available in French.