The National Postgraduate Committee (NPC)

Clarisse Faria-Fortecoƫf

Founded in 1992, NPC is the only organisation in the UK run by postgraduates in the interests of postgraduates.

NPC is a charity which mission aims to advance, in the public interest, postgraduate education.

This organisation has been in close communication with education funding bodies and the government and is member of the European Council of doctoral candidates and young researchers, EURODOC.

You will find in the section “Postgraduate Facts and Issues” of its website a “Resource Folder” containing all the NPC guidelines on various topics related to doctoral education.

Do not miss also the very interesting and concrete section “What is, Where can I find, How do I…”: How to find funding ? How to get an accomodation ? Why do a postgraduate degree? All of the right questions are being asked and the relationships with academic staff are even explained to the international students.

To complete your information, NPC also proposes a newsletter, a quarterly “Journal of Graduate Education” and a Forum to ask all the questions you wish.

Take care, some resources are not available free of charge.