Franco-Brazilian Portal of Communication and Information Sciences

Clarisse Faria-Fortecoƫf

A resource to facilitate information and mobility of Brazilian and French students, PhD students and researchers in information and communication sciences.

The Franco-Brazilian portal of communication and information sciences is the result of the cooperation between the INTERCOM (Brazilian Society for Interdisciplinary Studies in Communication Sciences), PORTCOM (Network of Information in Communication of Portuguese-Speaking countries) for Brazil, and CENDOTEC (Franco-Brazilian Center of Scientific and Technical Documentation) in partnership with the SFSIC (French Society of Information and Communication Sciences), for France.

Through this portal, you can do a simple or an advanced search of Masters / PhD, research groups and scientific journals of both countries.
By using the section "Lists," you can also obtain this information by region.
In the "Cartographie" section, you will even see, the number of Masters / PhD and research groups existing by region and city in each country.

The information is available either in French or in Brazilian.