Picasso: The Franco-Spanish programme to support researchers' mobility

Clarisse Faria-Fortecoƫf

The objective is to develop scientific and technological exchanges of excellence and to encourage new co-operations between research laboratories of both countries.

Picasso programme is run in France by the Egide association and for Spanish partners by the Ministry for Education and Science.

Calls for application, issued on an annual basis, are open to research laboratories affiliated with academic institutions, research organizations or companies.

Participation of young researchers and/or PhD students, is one of the very first criteria of selection.

The financial support only covers mobility expenses of researchers between the two countries.

Nanotechnology and virtual reality, areas identified as priorities in 2006 for the Franco-Spanish cooperation, are two of the four areas covered by this program in 2009. 

Deadline for application: 15 June 2009 for 2010 projects.