Guide for foreign researchers in Spain

Clarisse Faria-Fortecoƫf

A document published by the Spanish Science and Technology Foundation (FECYT).

Although dating from 2006, the Pratical guide for foreign researchers in Spain, remains an interesting source of information for those wishing to go to Spain to work or continue their research.

Whether you are alone or accompanied by your family, this guide attempts to provide answers to questions on R&D in Spain, the procedures required to settle in Spain (residence permit...), and working conditions (types of research contracts, labour market...) but also on daily life (accommodation, social security ..).
If you are looking for funding, please see chapter 8 "Financing: grants and fellowships", which presents the different possibilities to support researchers’ mobility (fellowships, exchange programmes, doctoral and postdoc. programmes, etc.).

The Guide can be downloaded in English or Spanish, from the FECYT's website  (see also, our article on this organization of June 20, 2008).