Coopol Innovation

Clarisse Faria-Fortecoƫf

The Franco-Chinese Cooperation program of the French poles of competitiveness with the Chinese technological parks.

Following an intergovernmental agreement signed on November 26, 2007, the program Coopol Innovation is supported by the French Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST).

This program aims to organize meetings - particularly supported by the Department of Science and Technology (SST)  - and to offer to clusters’ innovative SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises), together with their academic research partner, missions to evaluate the potential of cooperation between French competitiveness clusters and Chinese technology parks at the level of R & D as well as at the level of training.

Since the programme implementation in May 2008, several expert missions have been launched.
We can give as an example, the System@tic cluster’s project with the identification of a researcher and a host laboratory in Tsinghua University  - one of the best universities in China- and a post-doctoral position on behalf of Spring Technologies which started in early 2009. 
Two new post-docs fully funded by the same company, are considered for 2010.

If you are a SME and have a referent academic research partner, you can submit your project. 
The financial support concerns meetings organization with Chinese partners, as well as travelling, accomodation and food expenses over the entire stay (about 6 days) for two people.

If you are interested, you must send your application for 2010 projects to the Department of Science and Technology of the French Embassy in Beijing before November 30, 2009.