Taiwan, France, Japan, Taiwan

Dr E. Jardin & C. Schoch

From 2002 to 2004, Lin Chih-Lang was in France, actually in Grenoble at the Laboratory of Physical Spectrometry.

Two long years for his family in Taiwan.  But before defending his thesis, he was spotted by the French multinational Air Liquide. Four interviews later, he was offered a position in Asia.  Unfortunately for his parents, as soon as he returned to Taiwan he was off to Japan.

At Air Liquide's R&D center located in a magnificent technology park in Tsukuba, Chih-Lang led a rather happy life except for the ordeals of Japanese administration. He had a rather comfortable salary and lifestyle (company housing and a car), but very quickly the young Taiwanese researcher realized that his career perspectives were narrow (advancement is very slow in Japan) and especially, he had little hope of returning to Taiwan, despite Air Liquide's having offices there.

Finally, after a few setbacks, he joined the faculty at Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology in 2006, thereby stabilizing his situation in Taiwan.  Unfortunately, his years of experience in the corporate world were not taken into account and Chih-Lang started at the bottom of the ladder as assistant professor.  But it gave him the opportunity to work with his French research supervisor once again.

Chih-Lang hopes quickly to be promoted associate professor, which doesn't stop him from already looking beyond the university walls.