The NFR’s Industrial Ph.D. scheme

Clarisse Faria-Fortecoëf

An opportunity offered throughout the year to Norwegian companies and to PhD students - Norwegians as well as foreigners.

Funded by the Norwegian Council of Research - NFR - (read our article dated May, 2010), the industrial Ph.D. scheme aims to develop research activity in industry and to promote recruitment of researchers in this sector.

The scheme accepts grant applications from trade and industry throughout the year. A single company may receive funding for maximum two research fellowships. It is anticipated also, that funding will be available to some 40 new projects in 2011.
A fellowship corresponds to a partial support of the salary of a PhD student employed by the company (50% of costs up to about 400,000 NOK (approximately 50,000 euros) per year over a period of three years).

On the NFR's website - "Apply for funding / Find calls for proposals / Industrial PhD (naeringsphd)" sections -, you can download in pdf format, the " Frequently asked questions " file where you will find useful information about the application terms and procedure.