Drop of Science

Fabrice Martin

The blog of Florian Longueteau, aeroacoustics PhD student who has recently joined the Alten team of technology consultants.

Florian Longueteau is a doctoral student in aeroacoustics at ONERA in Toulouse. Under the "Projet professionnel" ("career plan") heading on his blog, he talks about participating in the Midi Pyrénées Doctoriales in 2007 and how he reached his decision to leave the world of research and then concocted a résumé and devised a convincing argument based on his professional experience, training and extra-curricular activities.

After taking part in "the Alten job tour" and going through a few interviews, he landed a position that "fits him to a T," even before defending his thesis.

Even if you don't know anything about aeroacoustics, have a look also on the "Les tribulations d'un thésard" ("The adventures of PhD candidate") heading: a great testimonial which will recall many things to those who have been through the same experience and will surely be of interest for those wondering "What is a thesis anyway?". Unless you're aware about those kind of things, you can skip the "How to use a NTFS partition under ubuntu" post and concentrate on the "Explaining my thesis to grandma" series.