The Unchained PhD Researcher

Fabrice Martin

« Le Thésard Déchaîné » (The Unchained PhD Researcher) is a student journal about doctoral studies in all disciplines. This only; all this…

The editorial of the first April-May 2007 issue announced layed the cards on the table : « Le Thésard Déchaîné is a space of freedom made for you ; you can and even must let your imagination, restrained by the thesis too Cartesian rules, take control. »

Since then, Le Thésard Déchaîné did not fail : from an ardent diatribe on the rules of the game of scientific publication –"the worse system except for all those other system" as one said Winston Churchill about democracy- to a poetic strolling in Amsterdam, from comics and movie critics to a learned debate about the breasts (that some would like not to see in schoolbooks) of "The Liberty guiding the People", the PhD researchers just let themselves go and we ask for more.

Freedom of speech and deep interviews
Graduate student consultants? « It's like Web 2.0 : everybody has heard of it but no one knows what it is ». The PhD researcher? A student, a teacher, a worker, nobody really knows. The advisor? Has anyboby actually met one ? Showing all the treasures and diversity of doctoral education, "The Journal od PhD researchers" don't hesitate to be critical, far away form official announcements and conventional speeches.

Between a recipe of scones with shrimps (or Thai salad with cheese, I can't remember), and a course on "zetetics", just relax by reading interviews of researchers telling their career path. A good testimonial is often worth much more than a long speech.