Doctoriales survey

Laurent Cousin

An ABG survey among Doctoriales organizers shows the strong points of a constantly changing training scheme.

Every year since 1994, Doctoriales prepares between 50 and 70 doctoral students for life after the PhD during weeklong residential seminars. About twenty sessions are held yearly throughout regions in France.

In Spring 2008, Association Bernard Grégory took stock of this training scheme by conducting a follow-up survey among organizers in order to “ponder the strong points of the Doctoriales and any shortcomings, as well as changes to be considered.”

The respondents perceive the Doctoriales as a scheme that meets the needs of doctoral students to help them find a job in sectors other than higher education and public research institutions. This scheme enables doctoral students to undertake a group project as part of an interdisciplinary team; become aware of their aptitudes for innovation; become better acquainted with the corporate world and thus broaden their career perspectives, etc.

Doctoriales organizers note that the role of doctoral schools is essential to the organization, funding and leading of Doctoriales as well as the recruitment of PhD students. On average, ten doctoral schools are involved in each seminar. To further strengthen their involvement, the respondents would like to see a presentation of the Doctoriales organized yearly in academic institutions.

 Doctoriales, an innovative project

Role-playing modules have been introduced: simulation of a panel job interview; company management simulation game, case studies dealt with in teams mentored by company executives.

Involvement of the HSS requires particular effort to convince participants of the benefits of a Doctoriales session for PhD students who are often less familiar with the corporate world.

To develop partnerships and exchange views, the organizers would like to see a workshop organized to discuss the Doctoriales