Docteurs&Co: the September 2009 issue (no. 23) is out

Laurent Cousin

The magazine for young PhDs who choose a career in industry. The September issue of "Docteurs&Co" takes a look at how to promote the skills that recruiters are seeking.

Contents of issue no. 23, September 2009:

Trends: CIFRE PhDs also remain attached to public research

On the web: Close-up on the human sciences

Feature: Until the end of the year, Docteurs&Co feature articles will focus on the job-seeking process. For the first part, published in June, we selected tools (websites, patent databases) to gather information relevant to your fields. In this second part, PhDs who are part of the ABG network and those who went through the New Chapter in the Thesis experience answered a mini-questionnaire asking them to list a few of the skills derived from their training through research, including in the human and social sciences.

How to: The doctoral contract (continued)

Companies from the inside:
What does a research engineer look like?

Career Path:
In September, log on to the Docteurs&Co blog to participate in a forum on the skill enhancement tool: "New Chapter in the Thesis" (NCT).

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