Doctors & Co, Franco-German Special Issue No. 3, October 2009

Laurent Cousin

The magazine for young doctors who choose the company. The special issue of October, first Bilangue Doctors & Co (German / French) refers to the employment of doctors in France (in German) and the employment of doctors in Germany (in French).

Contents of special issue No. 3 October 2009

Editorial from the President of the Franco-German University
In recent years, the Franco-German University (UFA) is committed to developing a policy towards   German and French PhDs to promote their employability through the acquisition, including, horizontal skills.

Trends: A career in business or research in Germany

Instructions: How to apply in Germany?

Know the company: Where to work in Germany?

Enter Saint-Gobain Recherche: Marie-Claire Parent, Director of Human Resources of Saint-Gobain Recherche (SGR) has answered questions on Internet blog Doctors & Co.
Christophe Huber, PhD in chemistry, had the opportunity to work in Germany in the group. He shows.

Humanities and Social Sciences, young scientists rather optimistic
Last winter, the association Giraf conducted a survey of doctoral students and PhDs in humanities and social sciences on their employability, felt or experienced.

Testimony: Dr. Goinard from EU Council
After a PhD in history under joint supervision between Nantes and Munich, she joined Brussels. See more on the blog Doctors & Co

From 9 to 20 November 2009, we suggest you to come and drop your questions on the blog Doctors & Co. Two experts in recruitment and mobility between France and Germany will reply.

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