EADS corporate foundation prize


The EADS corporate foundation has issued a call for proposals to support a research project conducted in a public laboratory Application deadline: February 21, 2011.

The EADS corporate foundation supports upstream research on exploratory and original subjects in the form of a research project conducted in a public laboratory, either collaborative efforts or by a single team. A research project can include a doctoral or post-doctoral grant.
The topics selected for the 2009 call for proposals are:

- Environment, sustainable development in the transportation field
- Safety
- Robotics, man-machine interactive systems, autonomy
- Energy
- Information sciences and technology
- Means of transportation and systems to mobility improvement
- Disruptive technologies, new perspectives and new scientific paradigms & transfer to the aerospace technology firm.

The average budget awarded to projects supported by the EADS corporate foundation since 2004 is 150,000 euros.

Deadline for filing applications is February 21, 2011 and the results will be announced in May 2011.