Doctoriales of Normandy 2010

Laurent Cousin

From March 23rd to 26th 2010

A one week training session to prepare after-thesis.

I wanna know more about Doctoriales

Date From March 23rd to 26th 2010
Venue Saint-Valéry-en Caux - 76000 Haute Normandie
Organisation All PhD schools and institutions of higher education from MESR of Upper and Lower Normandy, University of Caen Basse-Normandie, ENSICAEN University of Le Havre, INSA Rouen, Rouen University
Partners Upper and Lower Normandy, CNRS
Contact Anne-Marie Tixier-Dubosq SUIO BAIP Université de Rouen Rue Lavoisier 76821 Mont Saint Aignan Cedex Tél : 02 35 14 81 70 Mel :