Clarisse Faria-Fortecoëf

An online resource where you'll find information on the various postgraduate programs offered in Ireland and advices for getting a job or develop your career. is operated by Learning Ireland which is the leading provider of information about classes and courses in Ireland for every area of education, including postgraduate options.

On this website you can search for the course you wish by area (county), subject (arts and humanities, education, science and technology ...) and college (universities, technological institutes ...).

A 2010 Guide to postgraduate study is also downloadable.

In the "profile" section, you will find all useful data on the different British and Irish higher education institutions, and their contact information.

To find the right course is one thing, to fund it is another one.
In Ireland, there are different types and sources of funding such as doctoral and postdoctoral research fellowships of the IRCSET and the IRCHSS.

If you are looking for a job, you will find in "Careers" section, information articles on every aspect of career development (interview preparation, CV & cover letter, career planning, find a course to match your career goals, careers by sector…).

Also consider making a turn on the discussion forums where you may find answers to your own questions and / or information on doctoral education, financing or international postgraduate options.