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Postdoctoral position

ABG-101713 Emploi Junior
09/12/2021 CDD 36 Mois > 45 et < 55 K€ brut annuel
Université catholique de Louvain
Brussels - Belgique
  • Biologie
  • Biotechnologie
pancreatic cancer, ribosome, mouse models
Recherche et Développement


The "Liver and Pancreas Development" laboratory (LPAD, de Duve Institute, Université catholique de Louvain, Brussels, Belgium) studies the molecular and cellular mechanisms that govern differentiation of liver and pancreatic cells in normal conditions and in cancer.

Poste et missions

We are looking for a motivated post-doctoral candidate to apply for a grant that will start in early 2022 for three years. We will offer :
- multidisciplinary training in molecular and cellular biology, and in transgene technology
- a stimulating and competitive environment
- opportunities to interact with scientists in the context of national and international research networks. 

The post-doctoral researcher will study the role of ribosomal RNA modification and ribosome biogenesis in pancreatic cancer initiation. She/he will share her/his time between two laboratories with complementary expertise on the project, namely at the de Duve Institute (Research group on Liver and Pancreas Differentiation headed by Patrick Jacquemin; https://www.deduveinstitute.be/differentiation) and at the Institute of Molecular Biology and Medecine (Laboratory of RNA Molecular Biology headed by Denis Lafontaine; https://www.lafontainelab.com).

The Liver and Pancreas Differentiation group is part of the de Duve Institute, a multi-disciplinary and international biomedical research institute of the UCLouvain in Brussels. Its goal is to identify genes that control differentiation of liver and pancreatic cells in the embryo and to unravel how dysfunction of these genes in adults causes cancer. The Laboratory of RNA Molecular Biology is part of the Institute of Molecular Biology and Medecine, a ULB center of excellence located in the Biopark Charleroi Brussels South. It is studying ribosome biogenesis and the structure-function relationships in the nucleolus in human cells and animals.

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Candidates must hold a PhD in biology, pharmacy, medicine, veterinary sciences, biomedical sciences or agronomy and have first author research publications in international peer-reviewed journals. Team spirit and knowledge of English are required. An "international mobility” status (i.e. candidates must not have resided or worked in Belgium for more than 24 months during the last 3 years) is required for this position.

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