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Postdoctoral research fellow in Bioorganic Chemistry

ABG-102229 Emploi Niveau d'expérience indifférent
10/01/2022 CDD 18 Mois > 35 et < 45 K€ brut annuel
Laboratory COBRA_UMR 6014_University of ROUEN-NORMANDIE
Rouen - Normandie - France
Photoredox catalysis, bioconjugation, protein functionalization, fluorescence
Recherche et Développement


Location: - Laboratory COBRA_UMR 6014_University of ROUEN-NORMANDIE


Team: "Bioorganic chemistry team"


Scientific supervisor: Dr. Cyrille SABOT & Prof. Pierre-Yves RENARD

Poste et missions

PROJECT: This project which is at the interface of chemistry and biology, involves the development of new photochemical tools for biological applications. Particularly, ligand directed chemistry enables the site-specific modification of proteins of interest with small-molecule organic fluorophores, while maintaining the requisite biological activity as intact as possible. In this project, visible-light-induced photoredox catalysis will be used for the selective and fluorogenic labelling of peptides and proteins of interest. This strategy will be examined for the late stage modification of peptides and proteins either isolated or in complex mixture such as in cell lysates.



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CANDIDATE PROFILE: This project will require the synthesis of organic molecules with fluorogenic properties and the solid phase synthesis of oligopeptides. An important part of the project will be devoted to the chemoselective bioconjugation of proteins.

We are looking for outstanding and highly motivated candidates having an expertise in the bioconjugation and purification of proteins and a strong background in organic chemistry.



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