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Researcher in molecular virology and molecular epidemiology / Chargé-e de projet de recherche en Virologie et Epidémiologie Moléculaires

ABG-102307 Emploi Confirmé
14/01/2022 CDI > 45 et < 55 K€ brut annuel
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Ploufragan - Bretagne - France
  • Santé, médecine humaine, vétérinaire
Viral genomics, phylogeny, phylodynamics, molecular markers
Recherche et Développement


The French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety (Anses) is a public administrative institution under the supervision of the Ministries of Agriculture, Consumer Affairs, Environment, Health and Labor. It operates in the fields of occupational health, environment, food, animal health and welfare, and plant health, with one priority objective: to help ensure the safety of workers and consumers. To develop public health recommendations, the Anses implements an independent, multidisciplinary, collective and contradictory scientific expertise. It relies on a network of 9 reference and research laboratories on 18 sites. Their missions are expertise, epidemiological surveillance, alert and scientific and technical advice. They ensure, thus, an essential role in the qualification of the dangers by the collection of the data resulting from the networks of approved laboratories.

The researcher will reinforce, within the Ploufragan-Plouzané-Niort Laboratory, the scientific staff of the Swine Virology Immunology Unit (UVIP) whose missions involve reference activities, epidemiosurveillance, scientific and technical support, research and expertise in the field of viral infections in pigs. These activities are declined, in a complementary and interactive way, in the fields of virology, molecular epidemiology, immunology and vaccinology. The viruses monitored and studied are African/Classical Swine Fever and Aujezsky's Disease viruses (regulated diseases), as well as viruses responsible for respiratory syndromes, such as Swine Influenza and Swine Dysgenesic and Respiratory Syndrome, diseases with important economic consequences in farms. Swine influenza viruses also require special attention because of their zoonotic potential.

Poste et missions

The researcher will contribute his/her expertise to the surveillance of swine viruses and to the progress of research work involving the study of viral genomes and the monitoring of their evolution. In particular, he/she will be in charge of molecular epidemiology work related to swine influenza viruses in order to inform the authorities about any new emerging virus with zoonotic potential.

The researcher will :

- Organize the implementation of viral genome sequencing in collaboration with the NRLs or project leaders and the NGS platform of Anses, and supervise the preparation of samples by the technical staff of the Unit

- Adapt the sequencing and sequence analysis methods to the research objectives, in collaboration with the bioinformaticians of the NGS platform and the bioanalysts of other Units

- Manage the sequence databases in connection with the strain and sample libraries

- Perform phylogenetic reconstructions, implement phylodynamic analyses, study nucleotide polymorphism, understand reassortment or genetic recombination events, etc.

- Study viral genotypes (search for virulence or resistance markers, analysis of antigenic sites and receptor binding sites, search for determinants of interspecies transmission, etc.) in relation with the work carried out in the Unit on phenotypes

- Apply the knowledge acquired on genomes to the development of new molecular diagnostic methods

- Make proposals for the formulation of research questions, to participate in the setting up of new projects and to contribute to the collaborations of the Unit with its scientific partners within the Anses and with national and international institutes

- Participate in the training and supervision of post-doctoral students, PhD students and trainees in the field of genomic sequence studies

- Valorize the results obtained through publications in scientific journals and oral/posted communications

- Contribute to the management of the NRL reference diagnostic

- Participate in the maintenance and improvement of the quality management system of the Unit

Mobilité géographique :


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Similar experience
Previous research experience in molecular epidemiology and viral evolution
Postdoctoral experience appreciated

Knowledge and skills in molecular virology, molecular epidemiology and viral evolution
Knowledge of NGS data processing tools
Statistical skills and mastery of R software
Interpersonal skills and taste for teamwork
Autonomy, organizational and planning skills, rigor, critical sense, dynamism
Ability to report and synthesize
Writing skills and ability to communicate results orally
Good command of English
General knowledge of quality assurance in the laboratory
Ability to respect hygiene and biosafety rules
Ability to carry the values of the structure


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