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Numerical flow simulations for microalgae cultivation and treatment processes

ABG-111389 Emploi Junior
22/02/2023 CDD 12 Mois > 45 et < 55 K€ brut annuel
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Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour (UPPA)
Pau - Nouvelle Aquitaine - France
Sciences de l’ingénieur
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Numerical simulations ; microalgae ; flows ; pulsed electric field ; mixing
Recherche et Développement



The SIAME Laboratory of UPPA is composed of four teams, two located in Pau and two in Anglet on the Basque Coast Campus. The two teams in Pau (EE and PHT) will be involved in the proposed studies. The EE team (Flows and Energetics) works in the field of complex flows involving transfers (heat, mass) and the PHT team (High Voltage Processes) develops systems involving high pulsed electrical power for various applications.

For some time, the SIAME laboratory has been working on processes for the cultivation of microalgae and the pre-treatment of algal biomass to extract compounds of interest.

Microalgae are grown in innovative tubular photobioreactors with the objective of intensifying transfers to improve biomass production and CO2 sequestration yields. Experimental trials are currently conducted in the framework of a PhD project carried out in collaboration with the APESA Technology Center (Marie-Ange Leca's PhD started in May 2021) based in Montardon (64).

Once cultivated, the microalgae can be used according to the principle of "cascade bio-refinery" to valorize all the extracted compounds. In this perspective, a pilot-demonstrator of a continuous pre-treatment process of microalgal biomass products by using pulsed electric fields will be built in partnership with the company ASMA of the ARTZAINAK group (64).

These projects are funded by ADEME (MiACE-PEF project, Graine), the Carnot Institute ISIFoR and the New Aquitaine Region.

Poste et missions


The work of the post-doc or research engineer recruited will be organized around the two tasks described above and will be conducted in parallel. It will consist in performing 3D numerical simulations of complex flows using a computational code within :

- straight tubular photobioreactors with curved elements for different flow regimes, comparisons with experimental results will be performed,

- a channel with a special parietal mixing system (rotating cylinders) for the algal biomass pre-treatment pilot by pulsed electric field. This work of assistance to the design will be undertaken in close relation with the company ASMA which will build the pilot-demonstrator. Two other contract researchers will be involved in the "pulsed electric power" and "extraction" aspects of the project.

For these flow simulations, the rheology of the microalgal suspensions, the shear forces encountered in the different zones, the mixing and the evaluation of the trajectories of the fluid particles, the residence times according to the different flow regimes will be taken into account.

Participation in experimental tests will be possible for rheological measurements or flow characterization. Participation in the writing of communications and articles to enhance the work is planned.

Partners : APESA Centre Technologique des Transitions, ASMA company (ARTZAINAK group), IPREM-CNRS UPPA chair MANTA Materials.

Mobilité géographique :


Télétravail :



  • Strong mastery on computational fluid dynamics (CFD): meshing, simulations in laminar and turbulent regimes (turbulence models), data post-processing (Paraview, scripts, Phyton routines), computation on parallel machines, OpenFoam, ANSYS FLUENT or other codes.
  • Taste for the development of bioprocesses.
  • Ability to present results and write articles in English.
  • Knowledge of the French language is desirable.
  • Dr. in fluid mechanics - numerical flow simulations or possibly a Master's degree or an Engineering degree with experience in these fields.
  • Driver's license recommended.




Project leader: Yves Le Guer (yves.leguer@univ-pau.fr)

Laboratory: SIAME Laboratory (Sciences de l'Ingénieur Appliquées à la Mécanique et au génie Electrique) in Pau, Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour - France (Website: https://siame.univ-pau.fr/fr/index.html)

Duration: 12 months

Net salary: according to UPPA post-doc or research engineer grid

Start date: desired from 1/05/2023

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