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PhD in Payload-linker / Biocoupling for ADCs

ABG-113801 Emploi Junior
25/04/2023 CDI > 45 et < 55 K€ brut annuel
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Louvain la neuve - Belgique
  • Chimie
Recherche et Développement


Minakem (250 m€ sales, 900 employees, 100 in R&D) is a family-owned company dedicated to the developmement and the manufacturing of APIs small molecules for the pharmaceutical companies. 

Minakem accounts 6 faciliites (2 in France, 1 in Belgium, 2 in the USA, 1 in Germany).

Poste et missions

An entrepreneurial project for your scientific skills in a secured environment ! 

We offer to build a team dedicated to payload linkers / biocoupling for ADC to contribute to the growth of this business. ADCs are revolutionizing cancer therapies with higher remission rates than with standard chemiotherapies ! Consequently numerous pharmaceutical companies a boosting their pipeline in this field.

Minakem is looking for a pHD with an know-how in the field of ADCs (Antibodies Drug Conjugates) to offer development and manufacturing services in this field. The focus will around be payload linker and biocoupling. The mAbs will be outsourced. Over the last 3 years, 15 m€ has been invested in a brand new high potent R&D lab and also into manufacturing purification HPLC columns (LC 50, 110 and 300).

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Experience in payload linker and biocoupling steps.

Knowlege in sugar chemistry, peptidic coupling, sulfur chemistry but also of current commercial linkers building blocks.

Understanding of linkers caracteristics and impacts on ADCs efficacy (cleavable/uncleavable, DAR selectivity, hydrophobicity, stability/selectivity, half-life, linker‒antibody and linker‒payload attachments)


Generate the first projects in the lab / kilo-lab with pharmaceutial companies.

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