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Master 2 internship in genome dynamics and organization

ABG-114730 Stage master 2 / Ingénieur 5 mois Standard Master 2 remuneration in France
Institute of Biochemistry and Cellular Genetics, Bordeaux
Bordeaux Nouvelle Aquitaine France
  • Biologie
DNA replication, chromatin dynamics, gene expression, genome instability, fission yeast

Établissement recruteur

The Institute of Biochemistry and Cellular Genetics (IBGC) is a fundamental biological research center located in Bordeaux, France. Research at the institute covers a variety of subjects in cell biology, including cell proliferation, genome maintenance, chromosome segregation, gene expression, and cell metabolism. A diversity of model organisms is used at the institute, including S. cerevisiae, S. pombe, P. Anserina, D. melanogaster and C. elegans, as well as rodent and human models. The IBGC is located on the Campus Carreire of the University of Bordeaux and benefits from numerous platforms and services. The institute provides a dynamic and interactive scientific environment for young researchers.


A Master 2 internship position is available in the Genome Dynamics and Maintenance group of Dr. Pei-Yun Jenny Wu at the Institute of Biochemistry and Cellular Genetics in Bordeaux, France. The research in our laboratory investigates the mechanisms that regulate genome duplication and ensure genome fidelity, along with the importance of these processes for cellular physiology.

The faithful duplication and transfer of the genetic material is achieved by a tight coordination of DNA replication with cell cycle events, along with multiple pathways that promote genome integrity. This gives rise to a spatial and temporal organization of DNA replication, referred to as the replication program (RP). The RP is altered in challenging conditions, which may have important implications for cell fate decisions. We have established unique models in the fission yeast S. pombe that allow us to evaluate the interplay between DNA replication, transcription, and genome maintenance in changing environments. For this work, we will take a multidisciplinary strategy that combines a variety of state-of-the-art approaches, from genome-wide to single-cell methodologies. The findings from this study will provide novel insight into how the architecture of genome duplication may contribute to the cellular response to adverse conditions.


We are seeking applicants with a strong interest in discovery research and a solid training in genetics and molecular biology. The student will work in an international and interactive scientific environment, attend seminars, and present their work during lab meetings. Training will include genetics, molecular and cell biology techniques, flow cytometry, microscopy, and notions of genomic analyses. The candidate should be motivated and work well with other team members. A good level of written and spoken English is required, as all meetings and discussions in the team are held in English.

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