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Multi energy system planning for maritime regions

ABG-119886 Sujet de Thèse
01/02/2024 Autre financement public
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Mines Paris - PSL
Sophia Antipolis - Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur - France
Multi energy system planning for maritime regions
  • Energie
  • Economie et gestion
  • Mathématiques
Multi-energy system, Prospective, Optimisation, Energy transition, Renewable energy, Storage

Description du sujet

Context and challenges : To ensure the energy transition in coastal regions, reducing emissions from land and maritime transport is imperative. Hydrogen has a key role to play in phasing out fossil fuels in these hard-to-phase out sectors. In this context, the research focus on regional multi-vector energy planning, with attention to the intersections of mobility, maritime transport, and hydrogen. The study aims to formulate a sustainable energy strategy for a specific geographic area, optimizing the integration of various energy vectors. By specifically examining H2 and its derivatives, such as ammonia and methanol, the research aims to assess their viability as alternative fuels, considering production methods, infrastructure requirements, and their potential to contribute to a cleaner, more resilient energy landscape for both land-based and maritime transportation within the targeted region.


Scientific objectives: The research aims to investigate the impact of i) technology availability at a given horizon, ii) technology costs, and climate change, on the regional H2 energy planning. This is achieved with the following steps: 

  • Firstly, with a quantification of the demand for hydrogen (H2) consumption within the mobility and maritime transport sectors, providing a comprehensive estimation of the energy requirements in these domains.
  • Secondly, with the development of a decision support tool for multi-vector energy planning, facilitating optimized integration of diverse energy sources, H2 and its derivatives. The inclusion of uncertainty in inputs estimation and system planning is fundamental, allowing for a more robust and adaptable energy strategy. 

Approach – Methods : The PhD candidate will start with a comprehensive literature review related to hydrogen demand in the mobility sector, including maritime transport, including relevant data on current and projected transportation trends, vehicle and vessel technologies, and energy consumption patterns in the target region. The literature review will also examine the current techno-economic status and potential advancements in hydrogen production, storage, transport, and distribution systems. He/she will then develop a decision support tool for regional decision makers based on energy planning and operation modelling. This can be based on top of previous research and tools developed at the PERSEE centre.  Finally, he/she will carry out sensitivity analyses, identifying key variables as technology costs, energy prices, and potential impacts of climate change. The PhD candidate will also need to engage with relevant stakeholders, including government bodies and industry representatives to validate assumptions, gather insights, and ensure the pertinence of the decision support tool and of the analyses.


Expected results

  • Decision support tool based on energy system modelling
  • Sensitivity analyses for different hypotheses/scenarios

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Mines Paris - PSL

Mines Paris – PSL, officially École nationale supérieure des mines de Paris is a French grande école and a constituent college of PSL Research University. The school is well renewed for the outstanding performance of its research centres, the quality of its education and its proximity to industry. It regularly ranks among the top Engineering Schools in France and, as member of PSL, among the top 50 universities in the world.

Intitulé du doctorat

Doctorat en énergie et procédés

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PSL University

Ecole doctorale

Ingénierie des Systèmes, Matériaux, Mécanique, Energétique

Profil du candidat

Typical profile for a thesis at Mines Paris - PSL: Engineer and/or Research Master - Good level of general and scientific culture. Good level of French and English. Good analytical, synthesis, innovation and communication skills. Qualities of adaptability and creativity. Teaching abilities. Motivation for research activity. Coherent professional project.

Prerequisites (specific skills for this thesis): Skills in energy systems and/or techno-economic simulation tools are a plus, as well as an interest in the energy transition. Computer simulation tools (Python or R), optimization, data analysis, energy, economics.

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