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Internship - Prospective Life Cycle Assessment of Electric Vehicle Batteries Production

ABG-122202 Stage master 2 / Ingénieur 6 mois 640
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CyVi group, Institut des Sciences Moléculaires
Talence Nouvelle Aquitaine France
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CyVi Group on Life Cycle Assessment and Sustainable Chemistry, University of Bordeaux


Institute of Environmental Sciences,

Leiden University



Guido SONNEMANN,Professor, University of Bordeaux

Bernhard STEUBING, Associate professor, CML, Leiden University

Robert ISTRATE, Assistant Professor, CML, Leiden University

Anish KOYAMPARAMBATH, Post Doc, University of Bordeaux

Daye LEE, Post Doc, University of Bordeaux,


INTERNSHIP 2023-2024 (mid of April – mid of September)


The goal of this project is to assess the future environmental impacts of electric vehicle batteries production considering anticipated changes in active materials and cell manufacturing processes. Special attention will be given to the evolution of energy consumption, expected to decline over time due to improvements in existing manufacturing technologies and the adoption of innovative technologies. Additionally, other factors influencing future impacts will be taken into account, including fuel switching (e.g., electrification of heating), economies of scale and learning effects, and shifts in manufacturing locations. To achieve this, the thesis will integrate available projections from the literature on battery manufacturing energy consumption, heat electrification, economies of scale (Degen et al., 2023), and regionalized production capacities (Michaelis et al., 2023), complemented by own modelling and assumptions, to derive prospective life cycle inventory (LCI) datasets for batteries manufacturing according to specific scenarios and years. These LCI datasets will be integrated with prospective background LCI data to further account for future changes in the broad global economy, such as the decarbonization of the global power sector (Sacchi et al., 2022).


*The internship will be carried out within the HiQ-LCA project (https://hiq-lca.eu/) funded by EIT Raw Materials.


Successful completion of the master thesis may lead to potential employment opportunity at a company.



Degen, F., Winter, M., Bendig, D., Tübke, J., 2023. Energy consumption of current and future production of lithium-ion and post lithium-ion battery cells. Nat Energy 1–12. https://doi.org/10.1038/s41560-023-01355-z


Michaelis, S., Schütrumpf, J., Kampker, A., Heimes, H., Dorn, B., Wennemar, S., Scheibe, A., Wolf, S., Smulka, M., Ingendoh, B., Thielmann, A., Neef, C., Wicke, T., Weymann, L., Hettesheimer, T., Kwade, A., Gottschalk, L., Boeselager, C. von, Blömeke, S., Diener, A., Horstig, M.-W. von, Husmann, J., Kouli, M., Mund, M., Ventura Silva, G., Weber, M., Podbreznik, M., Schmetz, A., 2023. Roadmap Battery Production Equipment 2030. Update 2023.


Sacchi, R., Terlouw, T., Siala, K., Dirnaichner, A., Bauer, C., Cox, B., Mutel, C., Daioglou, V., Luderer, G., 2022. PRospective EnvironMental Impact asSEment (premise): A streamlined approach to producing databases for prospective life cycle assessment using integrated assessment models. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 160, 112311. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.rser.2022.112311


MA (Advanced Materials) 

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