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Post Doctoral Researcher in Drugs and molécules for Living Systems

ABG-82658 Emploi Niveau d'expérience indifférent
29/01/2019 CDD 18 Mois > 25 et < 35 K€ brut annuel
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Institut Pasteur de Lille
Lille - Les Hauts de France - France
  • Biochimie
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Recherche et Développement


The research team Drugs and Molecules for Living Systems, (INSERM, Institut Pasteur de Lille and University of Lille), specialized in medicinal chemistry, parallel synthesis, screening and early-ADME, is offering a 18-month postdoc position.

He/She will be recruited by The Institut Pasteur de Lille in our laboratory gathers chemists and biologists to design new drugs. Among team leaders, 4 persons have worked in the pharmaceutical industry and biotech. We work with research teams that study the role of proteins and receptors in physiopathological processes.

Our mission is to discover and select drug candidates. The first step is to prepare ligands modulating the effect of target proteins in vitro (molecular and cell-based assays). Then these compounds are optimized to be tested in vivo. If the compounds confirm the initial hypothesis they become prototypes of futures drugs. We work in collaboration with biotechs, pharmas and academic labs.

Several compounds discovered in our laboratory have been tested in animal models and two of them are candidate for preclinical development.


Poste et missions

The candidate will join the Pr Rebecca Deprez-Poulain team, specialized in the modulation of metalloproteases


The medicinal chemistry project, supported by a Fondation pour la Recherche Medicale grant, aims at discovering and optimizing inhibitors of ERAP, the aminopeptidases of the endoplasmic reticulum, for the treatment of autoimmune diseases.


The candidate will synthesize compounds that have an optimized activity (either inhibition or activation depending on the enzyme substrate), and ADME parameters. He/She will analyze the objectives and propose solutions and participate actively in the experimental work on two chemical series and have access to our Screening and ADME platforms.

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The candidate will have a PhD in organic chemistry or medicinal chemistry and be either Pharmacist or Chemist. The candidate will have a strong experience in multi-step synthesis and/or parallel synthesis. He/she will be familiar with MS, RMN, 1D, 2D. A strong knowledge in informatic tools: Excel, Biovia Draw, bibliographic databases (Reaxys, SCiFinder, MyNCBI) is important. Knowledge of Chemoinformatics (pipeline pilot, MOE, Pymol,…) would be a plus.

In order to achieve success in the research, the candidate should demonstrate rigor, creativity, initiative, and excellent team work.



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