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Daily mobility and commuting within the Prague metropolitan region

ABG-84739 Sujet de Thèse
16/04/2019 Salaire à négocier
Faculty of Science, Charles University
Prague - Tchèque, République
Daily mobility and commuting within the Prague metropolitan region
  • Géographie
  • Science de la donnée (stockage, sécurité, mesure, analyse)
time-space geography, daily paths, rhythms, commuting, urban environment

Description du sujet

The project is based on the main ideas of time-space geography, daily paths, rhythms, and commuting within the urban environment. As an alternative to traditional commuting data from population censuses, mobile phone data is employed together with questionnaires and qualitative methods of daily mobility pattern investigation. For the project, the mobile phone operator´s data is prepared. Potential research questions should be formulated as follows:

  1. What are the typical spatial patterns of daily mobility within the metropolitan region?
  2. How does the concentration of residents, daily users, and jobs change throughout the day?
  3. What is the balance of centripetal and centrifugal processes within the metropolitan region?
  4. What can we learn from the daily rhythms, and how would these outputs be used to plan different parts of metropolitan regions? And,
  5. what novel methods can be employed in the analyses, visualisation, and modelling of daily patterns?

Nature du financement

Contrat doctoral

Précisions sur le financement

Présentation établissement et labo d'accueil

Faculty of Science, Charles University

The Faculty of Science was established in 1920 as the fifth faculty of Charles University. It currently has 29 departments, 3 museums and a large Botanical Garden where the Study Department and some students’ facilities are located.

Nowadays the faculty is academically and organizationally divided into four sections: biological, geographical, geological and chemical. In addition to these sections the faculty has several specialized teaching and research centres, including interdisciplinary institutions such as the Institute for Environmental Studies. All parts of the faculty are active in both teaching and research.

The main mission of the Faculty of Science is to create highly qualified experts in biology, chemistry, geography, geology and in other interdisciplinary fields. Its scientific and research effort aims to solve key problems concerned with the development of human society. Some of the priority long-term subjects are human health, the study of the function and prediction of the development of ecosystems and the biosphere, and the development of environmentally-friendly materials based on the utilization of renewable resources.

The Department of Social Geography and Regional Development is one of four geography departments in the Faculty of Science at Charles University. It is the top human geography department in Czechia and Central Europe as a whole. Its members are the principal investigators of research grants funded by the Czech Science Foundation and the Charles University Science Foundation, and they are involved in international research grants. Members of the Department also regularly publish abroad, serve on the editorial boards of international academic journals, and participate in major international scientific associations.

The QS World University Ranking by Subject ranked the School of Geography at Charles University’s Faculty of Science among the top one hundred geography schools/departments in the world. 

PhD students are welcome to participate in most of the activities of the Department and the Department supports those who are active—not only financially. We try to do our best to provide students with a friendly, inspiring, and motivating environment for conducting their research.

Profil du candidat

Potential PhD candidates with MSc in suitable field interested in the research of urban geography, urban sociology, human geography, urbanism, and cartography are welcome.

Date limite de candidature

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