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Postdoctoral position in organic chemistry

ABG-87252 Emploi Junior
10/09/2019 CDD 24 Mois > 35 et < 45 K€ brut annuel
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CEA Saclay
Gif sur Yvette/Saclay - Ile-de-France - France
Organic chemistry, Isotopic Labeling, Batch and Flow Chemistries
Recherche et Développement


CEA Saclay
Institut des Sciences du Vivant Frédéric Joliot (http://joliot.cea.fr/drf/joliot/Pages/Accueil.aspx)

Department of bioorganic chemistry and isotopic labeling


Poste et missions

Subject: Synthesis of labeled compounds (2H, 13C) using batch and flow chemistries


Location: Department of bioorganic chemistry and isotopic labeling, CEA-Saclay, 91191 Gif sur Yvette – France. The laboratory is located in the CEA center of Saclay, 20 km from Paris.

Internship will be completed at the Tritium labeling laboratory (http://joliot.cea.fr/drf/joliot/en/Pages/research_entities/medicines_healthcare_technologies/scbm/lmt/tritium-labeling.aspx) or at the 14C-labeling laboratory (http://joliot.cea.fr/drf/joliot/en/Pages/research_entities/medicines_healthcare_technologies/scbm/lmc.aspx)


Job description: Position is funded by a grant from Europe (FET OPEN: project FLIX). FLIX is a radically new concept for the ultimate-stage chemical isotopic labeling of high added-value molecules (drugs, biologics, smart materials) with stable isotopes. It combines the following expertises: isotopic labelling, catalysts synthesis and flow chemistry. The ultimate outcome of the project is to devise and build a modular and adaptable flow chemistry system for the straightforward and combinable isotopic labeling of complex chemicals and biologics (2H, 13C, 15N). FLIX synergistically associates the expertise and innovation potential of a mixed academic/industrial multidisciplinary.

The main objectives of the post-doctoral researcher will be to discover new methodologies for the chemical labeling of complex and fragile molecules such as therapeutics, diagnostics or biologics for example. He/She will work either on the hydrogen or carbon direct isotope exchange using both batch and flow chemistries.


Domains: Organic chemistry / Isotopic Labeling / Batch and Flow Chemistries

Mobilité géographique :

Pas de déplacement


Candidate profile: Candidates should have:


- A PhD and strong skills in organic chemistry;

- Excellent knowledge of English (both written and oral);

- A real flair to work in large collaborations and teamwork mentality;

- Capable to work autonomously or with limited supervision;

- Strong interpersonal, organizational and communication skills are a must.

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