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ABG-87331 Emploi Niveau d'expérience indifférent
17/09/2019 CDD 12 Mois < 25 K€ brut annuel
Université De Reims Champagne Ardenne
REIMS - Grand Est - France
Santé, médecine humaine, vétérinaire
  • Biologie
Cell Biology, Immunology, Auto-immunity, Inflammation, Skin
Recherche et Développement


The research will be carried out in the group “Immuno-Dermatology”, part of the Research Unit EA7509 Immuno-Régulation dans les Maladies Auto-immune, Inflammatoires et le Cancer (IRMAIC). The EA7509 Unit is located at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Reims Champagne Ardenne (URCA) which provides all multidisciplinary and complementary approaches required for the project. Notably the research will be done in partnership with Janssen-Cilag SAS that will provide salary and financial support for all expenses related to the study.

Poste et missions

The objectives of our research unit are to better understand the interactions between IL-17 axis cytokines and other components related to tissue remodeling in the progression of auto-immune, inflammatory diseases and cancer. Our “Immuno-Dermatology” group develops projects based on translational research approaches in the field of skin auto-immune diseases. We specifically focus on Bullous Pemphigoid (BP), the most common auto-immune blistering skin disease in developed countries. We recently demonstrated a potential link between the IL-17/IL-23-inflammatory cytokines secretion, protease release, blister formation and BP outcome. In this context and in partnership with Janssen-Cilag, we have recently proposed a biological “proof of concept” study conducted on BP samples to demonstrate the beneficial effects of anti-IL-23 biotherapies in inhibiting the pathophysiological mechanisms associated with BP disease. The successful applicant is expected to achieve this endpoint by analyzing the biological effectiveness of anti-IL-23 biotherapies in inhibiting the production and activation of proteases associated with bullous formation released by immune cells in BP.

The position is for a duration of one year and could start from November/December 2019 but not later than the beginning of January 2020

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Pas de déplacement


The applicant should have a PhD in immunology or a PhD in cellular and molecular biology with a good background in immunology. Experience with cellular immunology and strong expertise in molecular biology are requested. Good capabilities with blood primary cell culture will be an advantage. The applicant should show a solid publication record. We are seeking a highly motivated and enthusiastic fellow with excellent communication skills, team spirit and a high degree of independence.

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