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Post Doctoral position in Developmental Neurobiology

ABG-87392 Emploi Junior
13/09/2019 CDD 12 Mois > 45 et < 55 K€ brut annuel
Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle
Paris - Ile-de-France - France
  • Biochimie
  • Biotechnologie
Development, neurobiology, neuropeptides, spinal cord, zebrafish
Recherche et Développement


The French National Museum of Natural History, known in French as the Muséum national d'histoire naturelle (abbreviation MNHN), is the natural history museum of France and a grand établissement of Sorbonne Universities.

The overarching objective of the UMR7221 is to understand the physiological regulations that control development, tissue homeostasis, regeneration and aging.

The research conducted by our team is in the field of comparative neuroendocrinology. They aim to understand the developmental and evolutionary origin and the role of neuroendocrine systems.

Poste et missions

The research conducted by our group focuses on the study of neuropeptides of the urotensin II (UII) family. They aim to better understand the functions exerted by these peptides and to characterize more finely the neurons that produce them, especially those located in the spinal cord. For this, we use zebrafish as a study model.

In recent months, we have generated a series of transgenic fish reporter lines labeling the neurons that produce peptides of the UII family. These lines will be used to develop two projects:

1) to determine the origin of the UII-ergic neurons and to characterize the networks in which they take place in the embryo and then the zebrafish larva

2) to isolate these neurons by FACS in order to establish their transcriptome.

The candidate to be recruited will participate in each of these two projects.


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The candidates should be highly motivated and able to work both independently and in a collaborative environment, with a strong commitment to achieving assigned objectives. The successful candidate will have a good background in neuroscience and / or developmental biology. An experience in imaging and FACS will be appreciated, as well as a familiarity with the zebrafish model.

N.B. The candidates should have defended their thesis less than 2 years ago.

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