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Ex vivo and in vivo gene replacement therapy for a severe genetic skin disease

ABG-90275 Emploi Confirmé
14/02/2020 CDD 12 Mois > 35 et < 45 K€ brut annuel
Institut IMAGINE - Inserm UMR 1163
PARIS - Ile-de-France - France
  • Biotechnologie
Gene therapy, genetic skin disease, 3-D skin model, viral vector
Recherche et Développement


The candidate will join an international research laboratory of 18 persons with a strong and long lasting expertise in genetic skin disorders, gene therapy, tissue engineering and in murine models of genetic skin diseases. He/she will have a unique opportunity to be trained in cutting edge technics in keratinocyte biology and gene replacement therapy. The laboratory is part of the Imagine Institute for genetic diseases located at Necker hospital for sick children. The Institute has high-performance technical platforms in genomics, bioinformatics, cell imaging, flow cell sorting and animal models which could assist the applicant if necessary. The Institute gathers research teams with complementary expertises in multiple aspects of genetics, immunology, cell biology and bioinformatics. The Institute is highly dynamic and will allow multiple interactions with leading scientists in gene therapy, immunology and human genetics

Poste et missions

He/she will be in charge of cloning and producing the viral vector and demonstrating functional correction using in vitro and in vivo models. In vitro models will involve the 2-D culture of human keratinocytes  and 3-D skin equivalents. In vivo models will include a  xenograft model of human skin equivalent grafted made from patient keratinocytes onto immunotolerant mice.

The candidate will :

Design and execute protocols

Perform tissue/molecular analyses of biological samples (histology, immunofluorescence staining, microscopy, RT-qPCR, etc.)

Manage the order, storage and annotation of biological samples

Keep an impeccable record of experimental data/measurements

Perform bibliography search and stay up-to-date with the technical advances in the field

Interact with a very dynamic scientific team

Mobilité géographique :

Pas de déplacement

Prise de fonction :



We are looking for a highly motovated scientist with a strong experience in molecular cloning and cellular biology.

A previous experience in gene therapy would be an advantage.

Priority will be given to candidates with an accreditation for animal experimentation  (Level 1 or Level 2)

Good communication skills in oral and written English

Excellent organization skills

Ability to work in a team


The candidate should have been able to produce and show the functionality of a viral vector expressing the gene of interest in a 2-D culture system and in a xenograft skin equivalent model using patient primary keratinocytes.

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